One of the main reasons of male infertility is DNA damage in sperm cells. DNA damage is one of the main factors that negatively impacts the fertilization, if there is structural deformity in the DNA that sperm carries this is call Sperm DNA Damage. This condition can be seen regardless of the volume, morphology, and motility of the sperm, it can only be diagnosed with DNA damage test. Therefore, if there is a suspicion of male infertility, it is advised to have DNA damage test.

What is Sperm DNA Test?

Pregnancy occurs when the sperm fertilizes the egg from mother-to-be. For a healthy conceiving, DNA chain needs to be completed in both egg and sperm. DNA chain is the coding of a human being and genetic heritage is passed on to the child by DNA chain. Every aspect of our body and even our personality is formed by our gene pool that DNA chain carries. Sperm DNA damage test is applied to find out whether if there are any damages on the DNA that sperms carry.

What Causes Sperm DNA Damage?

Sperm DNA damage is a medical condition that it can be caused by different factors. Main reason that underlies the sperm DNA damage is the genetic heritage from our family. Big part of deformities on our DNA passes on to coming generation. DNA damage can also be affected by bad habits, and passed diseases. Some of the factors that has an impact on the sperm DNA damage are as follows.

  • Aneurysm on testicles vena and varicocele which causes toxic substances to pile up in testicles are amongst the most common reasons of sperm DNA damage.
  • Another common reason causing sperm DNA damage is consumption of alcohol, smoking and use of drugs. Unhealthy addictions impact sperm quality negatively.
  • Over-consumption of caffein can also have negative impact on sperm quality and over-consumption of caffein for a long time can cause sperm DNA damage.
  • Use of certain medication without guidance of a physician can also cause damage on the DNA chain that sperm carries.
  • Another factor impacting the sperm quality is radiation radiate from mobile phones, computers, wireless internet, and other similar devices.
  • Being exposed to toxic chemicals for a long period can also cause damage on DNA chain.

How is Sperm DNA Damage Diagnosed?

DNA damage on sperm, can only be diagnosed with sperm DNA damage test. Other tests such as spermiogram checks for the volume, mobility, and count of the sperm cells, however sperm DNA damage can be observed in sperms with good mobility and morphology. Therefore, having good spermiogram test does not necessarily mean that there is no problem on sperm DNA. We advise to those who have male infertility with multiple unsuccessful IVF attempts to have sperm DNA damage test, if there is a problem in the sperm DNA treatment should start accordingly.

What to Eat for Sperm DNA Damage?

Sperm DNA damage treatment includes removing the factor that causes damage on the DNA along with giving food supplement to male patient. Having balanced healthy diet also helps improving treatment outcome.

At this point, you should always keep in mind that your medical treatment is the most important part, a balanced diet and food supplements will always be used to support the treatment. Some patients try to treat their sperm DNA damage with a healthy and balanced diet however this will generally end without success. You can consume those nutrition’s below to support your treatment.

  • Organic meet, chicken, and fish
  • Green-leafy vegetables
  • Orange, grapefruit, strawberry, and other fruits that is rich in terms of vitamin C,
  • Chili pepper, broccoli, Brussels sprout other nutrition rich in vitamins.
  • Egg, dried nuts, and other nutrition rich in iron.
  • Haricot beans, cauliflower, beet, and other nutrition rich in folic acid

Treament of Sperm DNA Damage?

First step of the treatment of sperm DNA damage is finding the underlying cause that damages the DNA. If this damage is caused by an obvious reason like, smoking, consumption of alcohol, being exposed to chemical substances, stopping the bad habit need to stop immediately to support production of healthy sperm cells. If this method does not help production of healthy sperm or if the DNA damage in sperm is caused by a different reason, these can be applied.

Varicocele operation is the most effective method of sperm DNA damage. Varicocele operation is generally performed in the presence of varicocele this effective operation increases the sperm quality and repairs the DNA damages dramatically. If there is no problem in the testicles, DNA damage can also be treated with antioxidants. Sperm DNA damage can also be caused by infections, antibiotics can be used to treat infections that causes sperm DNA damage.

Cost of Sperm DNA Test?

Sperm DNA test prices vary on every clinic, it can also differ according to the tests that will be done during the procedure. During DNA damage tests some additional tests can be applied if your doctor requests, these additional tests will increase the price. DNA damage test can be done simultaneously with the motility and blood analyses, on this case tests are priced separately and tested at the same time.

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