EMBRACE Test is Applied For the First Time in Turkey at Bahçeci!

Simultaneously with the worlds leading IVF centres, Bahçeci IVF applies the EMBRACE test for the first time in Turkey with that chance of success is increased. EMBRACE test enables us to choose the healthiest embryos genetically without needing biopsy procedure.

What is EMBRACE Test?

EMBRACE test allows us to analyse the fluid geneticallyt that the embryo develops, with that we can have an estimate chance of succesfull pregnancy.

What are the Benefits of EMBRACE Test?

For the IVF practices, when choosing the embryo that can form pregnancy we rely on the microscopic analyses of the shape of the embryo as the most important criteria. However, even the best shaped embryo can have chromosomal disorder. To be able to diagnose a chromosomal disorder we take biopsy from the embryo for genetic analyses.

Today, with the PGT-A (Preimplantation Genetical Analyses) technology, we can check the chromosal structure of the embryo before we complete the embryo transfer to the uterus. However for this procedure, we must take a sample cell from the embryo via biopsy. To be able to complete te biopsy taking procedure, clinic must have experienced staff and high technology. Even with the state-of-art Technologies there is a small risk of damaging the embryo. Especially for patients whom can have only low number of embryos deciding on having PGT-A procedure is a though decision.

In the very basics EMBRACE test is taking a sample from the fluid where the embryo develops, we can analyse the genetics of this fluid with NGS technology, in that way we do not have to take a biopsy sample from the embryo and this procedure does not harm the embryo in anyway. Developped embryos can be analysed with EMBRACE test and we can choose the embryo with the highest chance of adherecing to the uterus to form pregnancy in the first treatment. Therefore many patients may not have the second treatment, thanks to EMBRACE test.

Who Can Have EMBRACE Test?

  • Suitable applicants for PGT-A applications
  • Women over the age of 38 with an increased risk of chromosomal disorders in their embryos
  • Couples who have had recurrent IVF failures or miscarriages
  • Couples who do not want to have embryo biopsy for different reasons
  • Couples who want to have the highest chance of pregnancy in the first application of their treatment
  • Couples who do not want to take the risk of multiple pregnancy and therefore want a single embryo transfer
    EMBRACE test is used for “foresight” and “prioritization”. Results of this test is used to increase the chance of pregnancy. It cannot be replaced with the final chromosome analyses of the embryo.

How Much Does EMBRACE Test Cost?

Due to legislations, we cannot share our prices online. To learn the current pricing of our treatment and tests you can leave your phone number here, we will give you a call back.

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