Happy Ending at First Try in Bahçeci!

👉5 unsuccessful attempts abroad
👉Low egg reserve
👉Happy ending on the first attempt!

Today, we are sending good news to Iran! ✈️ We won our fight with low egg reserve once again.💪🏻The number of eggs of our 39-year-old patient was considerably reduced and she experienced unsuccessful IVF attempts before. We ensured egg development by creating our treatment plan specifically for our patients. We performed genetic sorting for the detailed evaluation of the embryos we obtained, and we got the good news in the first attempt.🏅

The problem of a decrease in the number of eggs, especially with advancing age, is the nightmare of many of our female patients.

👉If you are experiencing a similar situation, you can contact us for the treatment process and the answer to all your questions. 🤗☎️

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