Human Resources

Our Human Resources Policy
  • To create and implement the system related to the determination, selection and recruitment of the human resources that will enable our company to perform its activities effectively and efficiently,
  • To identify, implement and evaluate the training programs aimed at providing the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours necessary to ensure that our employees are more successful in the working environment and to evaluate results for the benefit of the company,
  • To develop a performance management system that will allow employees to see the results of their work and to evaluate the results of their individual success,
  • To create and implement a career management system that prepares employees for their responsibilities in a more effective manner,
  • To develop systems to promote success and creativity by providing working conditions that are appropriate to the quality of the services carried out; to this end, to transform new products, services, processes, systems and social interactions into innovations and to apply creative/innovative ideas in the most effective way,
  • To ensure job health and safety in our activities and to protect our natural environment; to be respectful to human and environment; to develop systems to prevent workplace accidents
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