Social Responsability Policy

As Bahçeci Health Group, we ensure that all our colleagues working in the 13 centres across 7 countries have equal rights regardless of language, race, color, sex, political opinion, belief, religion, age, physical disabilities and/or any similar reason. All of our employees are a member of the Bahçeci family and have the right to work in a safe environment at the highest working conditions for human dignity. We believe in the indisputable necessity of human rights and commit to being fair and honest to all our employees.

We take precautions to prevent the wastes resulting from our studies from threatening patient and employee health and ensure that appropriate waste is recycled. We hand over non-recoverable wastes to the relevant institutions for disposal in accordance with the laws and regulations.

We are aware of our social responsibilities. For this reason, in accordance with our social responsibility policy, which is focused on the best for society and the environment, we take initiatives aimed to improve the social and environmental conditions.

The basic principles we set out within our social responsibility policy are as follows:

• We fulfill our tax and other responsibilities to the government in a timely, accurate and transparent manner.
• We consider our social responsibility projects sustainable and priority tasks.
• We consider it one of our most important tasks to receive all international standards and quality certificates that will ensure that employees, society and the environment preserve today and invest in the future.
• Throughout the geography we operate in, we act in accordance with the principles of integrity and reliability in our relationship with society.
• We continue to do scientific work to improve reproductive health persistently, and we continuously improve our scientific infrastructure and knowledge. We provide to the community the information resulting from our contribution to science, and whose truthfulness and usefulness has been proven.
• We encourage our employees to take part in social responsibility projects, and we take into account suggestions when choosing projects to support.
• We give priority to health and education issues in our social responsibility projects.
• In our social responsibility projects for reproductive health, we act together with the Association for the Protection of Reproductive Health (URSAK).

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