sORP Test

What is the sORP Test?

The sORP test is a test that allows us to assess how well the conditions in which sperm cells are housed can maintain the sperm. In other words, the sORP test is important in assessing indirectly the genetic health of the sperm, and even more importantly, in determining if any supportive treatment is needed to increase sperm health prior to treatment.

Semen analysis tests (spermograms) have been used extensively for many years to detect male-induced infertility problems. Although the spermogram can assess sperms in terms of number, mobility and malformation, it does not provide the possibility to detect any genetic damage that may be carried by sperm. The sORP test allows us to estimate whether there will be more damage than expected in the DNA structure of the sperm in men who are trying to conceive. Patients with high sORP test values can increase their chance of conceiving by undergoing individualized treatments aiming to improve sperm quality.

Who is the sORP test recommended for?

The sORP test is easy to perform and its results direct the treatment. The sORP test to be performed in the following situations can guide the diagnosis and treatment effectively:

• Male infertility
• Unexplained infertility
• Recurrent miscarriages
• Recurrent IVF failures
• Planning of pre-treatment support treatment

How is the sORP test performed?

The sORP test can both be performed during semen analysis and as a standalone procedure. The test preparation and sample collecting processes are the same as in the spermogram. For this reason, patients who want to have a sORP test give their samples according to the same rules and regulations.

Where is the sORP test performed?

The sORP test is not performed at every IVF centre. At our centres, we perform this test which offers the advantage of understanding the cause of unexplained male infertility in particular and determining the most appropriate treatment path. We are happy to perform the sORP test at our centres simultaneously with the world’s leading IVF centres by following closely the newest technologies in reproductive science.

How much does the sORP test cost?

We cannot share the price information of the sORP test on our web site due to the current legislation. Please fill out our contact form to have detailed information about the price and process.

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