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We know that you want to have a baby very much, and that you have hundreds of questions about IVF. For a successful IVF treatment, it is essential to identify the causes of infertility.

What problems are you facing among the ones listed below? Click the relevant link for more information.

We have infertility problems due to female factors.
We have infertility problems due to male factors.
We have unexplained infertility.
We have had unsuccessful IVF attempts.
I have recurrent miscarriages.
We have a genetic disease.
I suffer from vaginismus.


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They made their biggest dream come true with Bahçeci IVF Centre. Read from our patients their tales of happiness...

Nikki from UK Got Her Baby After 10 Years of Tense Wait

Nikki and Paul Chippendale, parents of an amazing Boy, Milan, had been suffering from unexplained infertility for 10 years when they meet Bahçeci. Nikki, …

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