What is the MitoScore Test?

MitoScore is a practice that shows the energy status of embryos. This test measures the amount of DNA (mtDNA) contained in structures called mitochondria, known as the “energy sources” of the cell, and thus aims to determine the healthiest embryo.

What is the Purpose of the MitoScore Test?

The chance of success in IVF methods is 55-70%, even after the transfer of healthy embryos which have undergone comprehensive chromosome screening. In other words, some 30% of well-developing embryos successfully implant to the uterus. The MitoScore test aims to select the chromosomally normal embryos that are more likely to successfully implant onto the uterus, thus achieving successful pregnancy faster. Thus, it is possible to select the embryos with the highest chance of implanting onto the uterus genetically screening the embryos and by testing their energy metabolisms with MitoScore. In single-embryo transfers, it is therefore possible to find the embryo that is most likely to end in a successful pregnancy. Treatment success is thus increased while the risk of multiple pregnancy is decreased.

Who is the MitoScore test recommended for?

Since the MitoScore test requires a cell biopsy from embryos, the PGD test is performed on the embryos of couples wishing to undergo the MitoScore test. In case of several healthy embryos detected through the PGD test, which is becoming more and more widespread in the field of IVF, the final selection among these embryos is made using their MitoScore values.

How is the MitoScore test performed?

As mentioned above, the MitoScore test is carried out using NGS (Next Generation Sequencing) techniques on the same sample used for the PGD procedure. Thus, an extra biopsy procedure is avoided. In addition to examining the chromosomes of the embryo, the DNA in the mitochondria is also analysed thanks to the MitoScore test.

How much does the MitoScore test cost?

Due to the current legislation, we cannot publish any price information on our website. For more information about the MitoScore test, please fill in our contact form or call us on +90 444 3 949.

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