Bahçeci Bihac IVF Centre

Bahçeci Health Group added a new centre to its international network. Our new IVF centre, Bahçeci Bihać IVF Centre, was launched in Bihac. The broad experience and expertise of Bahçeci, which helped in the birth of over 70,000 healthy babies in 24 years, will now bring hope to couples in Bihac and the surrounding areas.

Bihać Bahçeci IVF Centre, which will serve as a branch hospital of the Bosnia and Herzegovina’s IVF Centre in Sarajevo, will provide couples treatment processes with the latest technological developments. The centre aims to be the most competent centre in the field of gynaecology and IVF in Bihac and the surrounding areas.

Our Doctors in the Centre

Op. Admir Rama, M.D.

Op. Admir Rama, M.D.

Gynecology And Ivf Specialist

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