What is Vaginismus? Why does it happen?

Vaginismus can be defined as the inability to have sexual intercourse due to the contraction of the muscles at the entrance of the vagina. The prevalence of vaginismus in our society is not known clearly but it is estimated to be around 10%.

There may be many reasons for the woman to involuntarily contract her muscles even though she wants to have sexual intercourse. Generally, the reason for vaginismus is the fact that wrong and unhealthy information about sexuality has settled the subconscious of the affected woman. Sexual taboos, insufficient sexual education, excessive excitement, past sexual abuse, etc. can cause the female body to react this way. If the couple is pressured by their friends and family into having a child, the situation may become even more complicated.

What are the symptoms of vaginismus?

While the symptoms of vaginismus vary from person to person, the following symptoms are generally observed:

• Difficulty or inability to have sexual intercourse
• Pain during sexual intercourse
• Fear of sexual intercourse or gynaecological examination
• Inability to have sexual intercourse in different positions
• Inability to insert tampons or suppositories into the vagina

Is pregnancy possible with vaginismus?

Vaginismus patients may have a baby through IUI or IVF. Routine infertility examinations are performed on couples who consult our centre to determine whether there is a different problem that prevents them from having children. On the 2nd or 3rd day of the woman’s menstruation, hormone tests, ovarian reserve tests, uterine x-rays, and genetic tests are performed. A spermogram is performed on the father to measure sperm count. If there are no problems causing infertility, pregnancy can be achieved through IUI. If there is a problem regarding the sperm or ovaries, a special personalised IVF treatment is planned for the couple.


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