What is the Embryoscope?

The embryoscope is a system that allows the constant monitoring of embryos. Embryos obtained in IVF treatments are grown in laboratories in devices called incubators which intend to mimic the uterus. In order to select the embryo which has the highest chance of leading to a healthy pregnancy, the embryos are taken from these devices every morning (sometimes several times a day) and their characteristics are examined under the microscope. Although these procedures are carried out under laboratory conditions, during the examination outside the incubators, there are risks of damaging the embryos and their development.

Recent developments now allow embryos to grow in incubators equipped with special camera systems called embryoscopes. Thus, we can record every moment of the embryonic development or examine past records in detail. In other words, we can monitor our embryos 24/7.

Does the Embryoscope Increase the Chances of Pregnancy?

In IVF treatments, embryo development is one of the key factors leading to a healthy pregnancy. Continuous monitoring of the embryo development through the embryoscope allows us to choose the healthiest embryos providing the highest chance of pregnancy. At the same time, since the embryos are not removed from the environment they grow in, their likelihood of being damaged by any environmental factors is significantly reduced. Thus, compared to traditional incubators, the embryoscope system provides a significant advantage both in the growth and in the selection of the embryo that will provide a higher pregnancy rate.

Since the embryoscope is an expensive device, many IVF centres do not use it. By closely following the developments in reproductive science, we are happy to use the newest technologies in our centres simultaneously with the world’s leading IVF centres. We use the embryoscope effectively in IVF treatments as a clinical success enhancing method.

What are the strengths of the embryoscope?

• It provides all necessary data about embryo development.
• It has an advanced microscope system that does not miss anything.
• Throughout the development of the embryo, it prevents the embryo’s contact with white light
• It provides the opportunity to monitor the embryos 24/7.
• It provides the embryos with a safe “live incubator” environment where they will not be affected by the external environment, since they are not removed from the device during the imaging process.
• All observations are carried out in the incubator without exposure of the embryos to negative growth conditions or temperature.
• It serves as an information processing unit where data on the development of patients and their embryos are stored and analysed. Thus, detailed information about embryo images and incubator conditions are processed, treatment results are interpreted according to this data and stored in patient data files for future reference.

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