Patient Rights

* Right to benefit from services provided
* Right to respect and dignity
* Right to privacy and confidentiality
* Right to know the identity and professional status of individuals providing service
* Right to information
* Right to communication
* Right to participate in decisions involving his/her healthcare
* Right to consult with a specialist
* Right to refuse treatment
* Right to receive information about examination and treatment costs
* Right to receive social and psychological support
* Right to complaints and suggestions
* Right to be informed about healthcare practices
* Right to benefit from religious services

Patient responsibilities

* Providing accurate and complete information about matters relating to their health.
* Following the treatment plan recommended by those responsible for their care
* Taking responsibility for the consequences of refusing the recommended treatment
* Seeing that the costs of examinations and treatments are covered
* Complying with the institution’s rules and practices
* Being considerate of the rights of other patients and staff
* Following relevant procedure in case of contagious diseases
* Not requiring any practices which are not included in the treatment plan
* Accepting visitors according to rules set by the healthcare organisation
* Not causing deliberate damage to the fixture of the organisation; and, in case of deliberate damage, covering the related costs

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