CCS – Comprehensive Chromosomal Screening

What is the Comprehensive Chromosomal Screening (CCS) Method?

Comprehensive chromosome scanning is a method performed during IVF treatments, prior to embryo transfer and which allows all chromosomes to be examined. The examination is carried out in the form of an analysis of the genetic construct in the embryo-derived biopsy sample, using state-of-the-art devices (NGS, Next Generation Sequencing). In certain instances, such as translocation carriers, the examination can also be performed using microchip technology (aCGH, Array Comparative Genomic Hybridization, Complementary Genomic Hybridization) where thousands of fragments of human chromosomes are found. Since both methods provide the chromosome map of embryos, many defects at the chromosome level that could not be detected in the past can be identified. The transfer of an embryo that is normal in terms of 24 different chromosomes leads to a significant increase in the pregnancy rates obtained per transfer.

Who is Comprehensive Chromosome Screening Recommended for?

Situations such as advanced maternal age can lead to several serious numerical or structural problems affecting the embryo, or the egg and sperm forming the embryo. These problems can prevent pregnancies, just as they can also lead to miscarriages and even to children with inherited diseases. In couples whose embryos are at increased risk of developing chromosomal defects, the doctor performing the treatment may recommend a comprehensive chromosome screening, where appropriate.

CCS is especially performed in the following situations:

• Advanced maternal age (37 and over)
• Recurrent miscarriages
• Repeated IVF failures
• Couples carrying a known chromosomal defect (translocation, inversion, etc.)

Where is Comprehensive Chromosome Screening Preformed?

Not every IVF centre can efficiently perform comprehensive chromosome screening to improve the success rate of the treatment. It is of utmost importance that the centre has a highly developed and efficient embryology laboratory so that the embryo can be comprehensively screened for chromosome-borne diseases. By closely following the developments in reproductive science, we are happy to use the newest technologies in our centres simultaneously with the world’s leading IVF centres. Thanks to our advanced embryology laboratory, we achieve success rates above European standards, especially with difficult cases. You can contact our centres for more information on comprehensive chromosome scanning.

How Much Does Comprehensive Chromosome Screening Cost?

Due to legal obligations, we cannot share price information for CCS on our website. Please fill out our contact form or contact us on +90 444 3 949 to have detailed information about the price and process.

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