NGS – Next Generation Sequencing

What is NGS?

Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) is the latest evolutionary genetic analysis technology that allows us to perform extensive chromosome scanning on the embryo. With NGS, embryos are screened quickly and efficiently, and genetic problems at the chromosome level are detected before pregnancy. One of the most important causes preventing healthy pregnancies is the chromosomal disorders that occur in the embryo, even though the embryos obtained in IVF treatments are successfully transferred to the uterus. Extensive chromosomal screening performed with the NGS method plays an extremely active role in the identification of chromosomal disorders referred to in embryos. Especially in patients with recurrent miscarriages and prospective mothers over 40 years of age, by performing the NGS method, we can obtain high pregnancy success with the transfer of embryos determined to be healthy from a chromosomal point of view.

Who is NGS recommended for?

Although comprehensive chromosomal screening using the NGS technique in IVF treatments is much more common in some countries, Bahçeci Health Group recommends and performs this method especially in the following cases:

• Prospective mothers over 40 years of age
• Cases of unexplained infertility
• Recurrent failed treatment attempts
• History of recurrent miscarriages
• Severe male infertility

What are the strengths of the NGS method?

All chromosomes forming the embryo can be examined extensively.

It allows the detection of the numerical and structural differences of the chromosomes in the examined cells much more precisely. Thus, it is a technique that can be much more decisive in the identification and treatment of embryos in which cells with different chromosome structures (called “mosaic”) are found.

NGS offers the opportunity to examine not only gene disorders, but also chromosomal defects. Under appropriate conditions, it allows single gene disease analysis and HLA typing simultaneously with comprehensive chromosomal screening.

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