Patient Satisfaction Policy

  • We take into account all the requirements, expectations and rights of our patients at every step of the service we provide.
  • The basic principle of our Patient Satisfaction Policy is to provide superior patient experience and patient satisfaction by meeting the needs and expectations of our patients continuously and in a timely manner with regards to health, safety and information confidentiality matters.
  • Our business processes and activities are based on our values of integrity, morality, professional ethics and respect
  • Patient recommendations and complaints are managed within the framework of these values and are evaluated in a fair and impartial way in accordance with the legal requirements, and within a patient-satisfaction-oriented perspective.
  • We provide our patients with clear information about their medical processes.
  • We turn the feedback and complaints we receive into opportunities to improve and create value.
  • By continuously improving our medical and administrative systems, we aim to continuously increase patient satisfaction.



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