The CD56 Test

What is the CD56 Test?

The CD56 test is used to determine the density of “killer cells” within the uterus, which adversely affect the formation of pregnancy. Numerous molecular mechanisms are involved in the implantation of embryos to the uterus, both in spontaneous pregnancies and pregnancies resulting from IVF treatments. Within these mechanisms, it is of great importance that the immune system be appropriate for pregnancy.

In recent scientific studies, natural killer cells (NK cells) have been shown to play a very important role in the uterine implantation process. Whether the density of NK cells is above or below average in the inner layer of the uterus may adversely affect the implantation of embryos onto the uterus. One of the causes of pregnancy losses is a high density of NK cells in the inner layer of the uterus.

Who is the CD56 test recommended for?

The CD56 test can be performed on patients who want to have children, and who have had two or more miscarriages. In addition, it can be performed on patients who have not achieved pregnancy despite the transfer of three or more healthy embryos.

How is the CD56 Test Performed?

The CD56 test determines the ratio of natural killer cells (killer cells). It can be performed through blood sampling or uterine tissue sampling. However, since blood sampling may give inaccurate results, the preferred approach is to perform the test on uterine tissue.

After the ovulation period, an immunohistochemical assessment will be performed under anaesthesia by expert pathologists on the tissue sampled from the inner layer of the uterus between days 21 and 24.

Patients with high CD56 levels are administered immune system stabilizing treatments (such as intralipid injections) at appropriate intervals after the preparation for embryo transfer, and after appropriate conditions are provided.

How much does the CD56 Test Cost?

Due to the current legislation, we cannot publish any price information on our website. For more information about the CD56 test, please fill in our contact form or call us on +90 444 3 949.

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