Method Increasing the Chance of Success in IVF: Smart PGT

The Smart PGT method is the most advanced form of the NGS test, which allows us to conduct detailed genetic examination of embryos. The Smart PGT method provides the opportunity to select the embryo with the highest adherence potential by using artificial intelligence in the analysis of the results and increases the chance of pregnancy.

Smart PGT used by the world’s leading IVF centers PGT was first introduced in Bahçeci in Turkey.

What is the Difference between PGT and Smart PGT?

In order to define what the Smart PGT method is, first of all it is necessary to mention what PGT is.

PGT is the process of examining the chromosome number and structure of the embryos obtained in IVF treatment before they are transferred to the mother’s womb. With these tests, possible chromosomal defects in the embryos can be detected before the embryos is transferred to the uterus. PGT is a preferred as it is increases the chance of pregnancy and healthy birth especially in elderly women, women with recurrent treatment failures or recurrent miscarriages.

The Smart PGT method is an advanced version of the standard PGT. Smart PGT method uses a system where artificial intelligence is involved. Thus, embryos can be evaluated in more respects and the healthies one can be determined. The world’s few centers use the Smart PGT method, which increases the chances of healthy pregnancy.

How Can Artificial Intelligence Make Better Genetic Diagnosis?

PGT applications are generally considered as taking a certain number of cells from the embryos, examining them and identifying them as normal and abnormal according to the genetic structure of the embryo from which the cells are taken. However, there are many biological, technical or patient-related variables in order to make the correct diagnosis. Artificial intelligence collects all these variables in a common pool and evaluates the clinical success of tens of thousands of embryos (healthy birth, abortion, pregnancy failure, etc.) and in a way “educates“ itself. Thus, thanks to the algorithms created, the devices can detect the most accurate embryo by defining the results more clearly and accurately in the tests performed afterwards.

On Which Cases Smart PGT can be Used?

  • Advanced maternal age
  • In cases of recurrent miscarriages
  • In cases of repeated failed IVF trials,
  • Translocation or inversion carrier,
  • Severe male infertility,
  • Couples with a history of pregnancy with chromosomal abnormalities
  • In consanguineous couples

What is the Cost of Smart PGT?

The Smart PGT application is a more advanced form of comprehensive chromosome screening in embryos called NGS, and is priced at the same price.

Where is Smart PGT Applied?

Smart PGT for the first time in Turkey began to be implemented in Bahçeci in September 2018. For detailed information about the test, please fill out our contact form or call us at 444 39 49.

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