Treatment Techniques

The secret to success in IVF treatments is in the design of personalised treatment programs. We aim to maximize the chances of success by working with personalised treatment programs in our centres. We decide upon the methods and treatments to be performed in the light of important information such as age, ovarian capacity, sperm analysis, previous treatments or genetic diseases.

We increase our pregnancy rates by using success-boosting methods which are not available in many other IVF centres.

In our weekly 40-Doctors Meetings, we analyse particularly difficult cases and design tailor-made treatment plans for our patients. Thus, every patient treated in Bahçeci benefits from the knowledge and expertise of not just one, but 40 doctors.

Our Services

With our team of experts and state-of-the-art technological equipment, we have been providing services in the field of IVF for over 24 years.

We spend a significant part of our investments on continuously improving our technological infrastructure and strengthening them with the latest technologies. We carry out individual IVF treatment programs by analyzing the cases of our patients. We increase our pregnancy rates with success-boosting methods.

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