The quality and success of Bahçeci Embryology Laboratory have been registered with the ESHRE Certificate!

One of the most important criteria determining the success of an IVF center is the quality of the embryology laboratory and the expertise of embryologists. With this awareness, we devote a significant part of our investments to the technological equipment of our embryology laboratory and follow all the innovations in this field as Bahçeci Health Group.

We are the Only IVF Center in Turkey with the “ESHRE Good Clinical Practices Certificate”

Our laboratories have undergone a long-term audit by ESHRE in 2022. Our Institution was examined in different areas such as infrastructure, personnel expertise, technology and education.

As a result of the examinations and inspections carried out in all our centers, the quality of the materials and technologies used in our institution, practicing staff and the quality of the service provided have been approved, and we have become the only IVF center in Turkey and one of 8 in vitro fertilization centers in the world.

With our laboratory infrastructure and personnel expertise, which we have adopted and continuously improved for years, we are happy to provide the same quality of service as the respected centers of the world.


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