BahçeciMAX E-security and Verification Systems

BahçeciMAX is an electronic security system which we use in all our clinics, and which provides maximum security in IVF procedures. BahçeciMAX, developed exclusively for Bahçeci, is the most advanced security system in the world and protects the sperm, the eggs, and the embryos from the risk of mix ups.

BahçeciMAX, which provides accurate matching of sperm and egg samples, ensures that the data is verified and controlled in real time at all stages of the treatment. Thus, it offers top-level security compared to other systems in use.

Bahçeci has developed this software because there are security defects in other security systems that are used all over the world. Since each stage of the processes was analysed to the finest detail, BahçeciMAX was developed in a way not to skip any steps or miss any details.

Features that distinguish BahçeciMAX from other systems
  • RFID security systems currently in use and work using electromagnetic fields, which might have adverse effects on the embryo. BahçeciMAX does not emit radio waves because it works with barcodes, and thus does not affect the embryo in any way.
  • BahçeciMAX offers a special system that does not allow batch barcode printing. Only one patient’s barcode can be printed during the procedure. It is not possible to print the barcode of a different patient before completing the process for the current; thus, any risks of confusion and mix ups are avoided.
  • It provides control not only in the main stages, but in all stages of the procedure. With over 300 matching and verification points, it is the most comprehensive e-security and digital verification system in the world.
  • The matching system is not limited to barcode-to-patient matching, as is the case with other systems; user approval is required at certain stages. User approval is always done with two users, so there is no margin of error.

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