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Welcome to the international page of Bahçeci Health Group. It is our pleasure to inform you about how our services and medical solutions can provide you with the best care possible on the domain of IVF treatment.

Over the years we have enabled thousands of international patients to become happy parents.

Our International Patient Center is a “one-stop” center and will coordinate all services from the day you request a medical treatment until the time you return to your home country. We are your point of contact for acquiring medical information, pricing, visa and treatment planning.

Our Services

Before you start any treatment, it is essential to understand all details with regards to the treatment and the required travel needs. Although any final treatment plan can only be decided upon physical examination by our doctor in our clinic we are able to determine likely treatment plans based on recent test.

Our international Service Center will support you in the following domains:

– Free medical consultation
– Treatment plan
– Cost estimates
– Schedule appointment
– Airport Transfer
– Coordinate admission, discharge and payment at clinic
– Accommodation
– Translation services

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can a doctor come up with a treatment plan while I am still at home?

Yes, of course. Our doctor will design a preliminary treatment plan based on your medical files and treatment history. However, bear in mind that the treatment plan can change after a physical examination.

2. When should I come for treatment?

The exact day of your arrival in clinic will be determined by doctor. However, usually ovarian stimulation starts on the 2-3 day of menstrual period. You are recommended to be present in clinic one day before.

3. How can I get an appointment?

As a foreign patient, you will be appointed a patient representative, who will get an appointment for you after you send all necessary medical reports and doctor confirms your treatment plan. To book an appointment please send us your passport and your spouse’s passport, and specify an average date of your visit.

4. Can I choose a doctor?

Yes, you can. If you make a special request, we will direct you to a specific specialist. We have placed CV’s of all our doctors on our website for patients’ information. Also, you can find information about our doctors on social networks or by performing search on forums. However, we assure you that all doctors who work at Bahceci are super professionals who are constantly involved in scientific work, attend professional gatherings and possess great experience in their field of medicine.

5. How long does the treatment last?

The Treatment takes about two- three weeks. (İn case of fresh cycle)
If your Doctor recommend you to freeze the embryos and to come the next cycle for the embryo transfer, the duration of treatment will be:

– The first visit for stimulation (eggs collection and embryo freezing), takes two or three weeks.
– The second visit for embryo transfer takes around 5 days.

6. What should i bring with me

Your passport, Mariage certificate and previous test results

7. What medical reports should I bring with me?

Fort he purpose of initial evaluation by doctor, we ask HSG and AMH from a woman and a spermogram from a man.

8. Can I do tests at home and bring them with me?

Yes, you can. The list will be given to you beforehand.

9. When can I return to my country?

Normally, you can return to your country the day after embryo transfer.

10. Is there airport transfer?

Yes, we arrange transfer from/to airport at additional cost.

11. Is there a discount at a hotel?

We have agreements with several hotels located nearby our centers. They provide rooms for Bahceci patients at dicounted rates.

12. If I don’t speak Turkish, am I going to be accompanied by a translator? Is it free?

Our International Department takes care of international patients during their treatment at Bahceci. We have English, Russian, Arabic, Uzbek and Bulgarian-speaking personnel who would assist your communication within center.

13. Can you send an invititation letter for a visa application?

If a Visa is requested in your country, yes we can send you an invitation letter after receiving the payment in our account.

14. Are there any tests that I have to do before coming?

There is some standards tests that you can do before coming to the clinic OR in our clinic before starting the treatment.

Ps: You can do the tests in your home country or in the Bahçeci IVF center

Name of the service
– HBsAg/ men and women
– Anti-HCV/ men and women
– Anti-HIV / men and women
– Spermiogram / men
Tests for women
– Hormone tests
– Prolactin
– (On an empty stomach before 09:30)
– Free Т4
– E2
– Vitamin B12
– Vitamin D
– Rubella IgG
– Hematological tests
– Whole Blood Count

15. What is the approximate success rate of your clinic?

The success rate is indicated for each couple, after analyzing the tests and Doctor’s Examination.

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