Trust Your Doctor
Trust Your Doctor

Aylin-Murat-Ege SİLİĞ – August 2008

We have been married for eight years.We spent the last three years trying to have a baby. Until July 2007, when we met Dr. Murat Berksoy, we had had eight inseminations and two IVF attempts.Unfortunately, none yielded the desired result.In order to see if there was something specifically wrong, I underwent a hysteroscopy and laparoscopy at Dokuz Eylül University and had a polyp removed; however, it was very small and should not have been thecause of our infertility.Throughout the past three years, we had been told that the reason why we could not have a child might be due to my thinness and endometriosis.However, the official records said “infertility of unknown origin”.The doctor at Dokuz Eylül University told me that I should not try again unless I gained some weight; so, I obeyed him.I increased my meat consumption,gained weight and started the final IVF attempt at 53 kilograms.This time, we decided to try our luck at the German Hospital.We consulted Dr Halit Fırat Erden and attempted IVF.We did not get a positive result, but Dr. Erden told that there was nothing wrong on his side and referred us to Dr. Murat Berksoy before trying again.

We were quite surprised when Dr. Berksoy examined me and said that I was “hidden obese”.He insisted that I should decrease my body fat. I said,” This must be a joke.”After all, I was 1.68 centimeters tall and 53 kilograms, plus the previous doctor told me I should gain weight.When Dr. Berksoy required us to take about twenty different tests we understood that this would not be easy.(Thanks to him, I learned that I had an insulin resistance problem.I would like to thank him further for helping me avoiddiabetes).Our family was very confused when I stopped eating animal products in addition to all the tests.However, this did not affect us at all.

I followed a strict diet for three and a half months.I walked for forty-five minutes a day and at the end of this period, we left Malatya for Istanbul for an outcome assessment.As a result of my diet and exercise, I had lost sixkilograms of fat (my weight had gone down to 47 kilos but I was happy knowing that I was healthy) and the insulin resistance was under control.Dr. Murat Berksoy thought we were ready and said we could initiate the IVF attempt whenever we wanted.First, we wanted to try to get pregnant naturally; Dr. Halit Fırat Erden sent us off saying, “Try at home; it’scheaper and you can try many more times.”We left Istanbul that weekend and I got pregnant the following week.Now, one of the happiest moments of our lives would be to visit Dr. Murat Berksoy with our son, Ege.

I would like to thank Dr. Halit Fırat Erden for having introduced us to the right person.We are very grateful to our dear doctor, Murat Berksoy, for his encouraging (but always cautious) approach, his supporting attitude, and of course, for helping us to finally hold our son, Ege, in our arms. I would like to thank wholeheartedly Mr. Murat Berksoy, my dear doctor who I would like to have forever in my life as a family doctor, who I trust deeply, and to whose advice and competence I readily yielded myself.

I would like to advise all of you to trust Dr. Murat Berksoy and to follow what he says strictly; I did it and obtained the desired result in three and half months.May your turn come next.

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