My Excitement and Happiness
My Excitement and Happiness

We do not have a meaninfull reason for for infertility . We tried 3 IVF cycles in other clinics but all have been without a success. I chosed Bahçeci Clinic  because I had heard many good reviews about the clinic. My friend who has been one of your patients had twins, I had very good feelings towards your clinic and I heard about your clinic several times in Bulgaria.In web sides there are too many good comments about your clinic and these led me to make my mind easily.

Bahceci is a  wonderfull clinic.Very hard to express myself completely.Bahceci is a very high level clinic. The doctors and staffs attitudes towards the patients are very good.The clinic’s atmosphere is very nice.

I Want to express my gratitude to Husnie, dr.Guvenc and Kubra.

They are perfect professionals and many patients will always remember them. I couldn’t fine right words to Express my feelings, my excitement and happiness . You made us really very happy. I will tell to everybody who needs to go to Bahceci Clinic.

If I would need a help again I would definetely return back to try there. Now we have a wonderful son Mark, who is beautiful, smart, calm and joyful baby.

Thank you.

Mariola Balabanova

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