Malika and Bekdzhan
Malika and Bekdzhan

On behalf of our large family, let me express our enormous gratitude to you for the help and support you have been providing to our children, Malika and Bekdzhan.

Our children told us a lot about your professionalism, competence and your careful attitude to them. We believe in you and ask God Almighty to give you energy, knowledge and skills to help our children become happy parents of healthy children. We completely rely on your long-term experience and are ready to follow your recommendations and instructions to achieve best results.

We wish you and correspondingly ourselves success in our great beginning.

As I mentioned above we are a very large family and we already regard you as our close friend. Our hearts and homes are always open for you and we will be very happy if you find time to visit us in Tashkent .

Sincerely Yours,

The Bekjanovs and Abdullayevs

PS: My name is Gulbahor Abdullayeva I am Malika’s aunt.

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