Out-of-City Patients

During the IVF process, couples are under a great burden both financially and psychologically. As Bahçeci Health Group, we are always at your side to ensure that you are as little affected by the process as possible.

We offer discounted accommodation at partner hotels to our out-of-city patients, as well as transportation services.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I come to the clinic for treatment?

You should start treatment on the second or the third day of your period.

Are there any tests that I need to have done before my appointment?

After a first face-to-face examination, our doctors will give you a list of the necessary tests to perform.

What should I bring when coming to the clinic?

We recommend that you bring any relevant test results that you might have.

How long should I stay for treatment?

Patients start treatment on the second or the third day of their period. USG and hormone tests are performed for ovulation monitoring until about the 11th or 12th day. On the 11th or 12th day, the eggs are collected. On the day of the egg collection, the egg is fertilised to form an embryo. The embryos are monitored from the first to the fifth day of their development. Then, embryo transfer is performed. Thus, the treatment process lasts 16-21 days.

Can I have my follow-up examinations in my home town?

You can have your follow-up examinations in your home town.

Do you offer airport transfer?

As long as you notify us in advance, our team will arrange an airport transfer for you.

How long after the transfer can I travel? After a 1-2 days rest period, you can travel freely.

Do I get a discount at hotels?

If you choose any of the hotels Bahçeci Health Group has a partnership with, you are offered a discounted price. You can browse our partner hotels by clicking here.

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