Are you having trouble conceiving?

You might have a lot of questions on your mind, such as “why can’t we have a baby? What should I do to get pregnant? Should I see a doctor to get pregnant?” and so on. In order to have a baby, you must first find out the reason why you cannot conceive.

Why can’t I have a baby? Am I infertile?

Many people who have been married for a short time and who have not been pregnant, or couples who had a first child but who are having trouble conceiving again worry about not having children. It is important to keep the following in mind before you get worried.

For couples to be assessed for infertility, pregnancy should not be achieved despite the following:

– Regular intercourse for a year, for females younger than 35 years of age
– Regular intercourse for six months, for females older than 35 years of age

In light of this information, you must first determine what stage you are in.

What Should I Do to Get Pregnant?

It is recommended that couples wishing to get pregnant have unprotected sex at least twice a week. Having sex especially during the ovulation period seriously increases your chances of getting pregnant. If you have a normal menstrual cycle, the highest probability for pregnancy is between the 10th and 16th days from the first day of menstruation. By tracking your ovulation date, you can increase your chances of pregnancy.

Couples who want to have a baby should also keep an eye on their diet and lifestyle. If you are smoke cigarettes and/or drink alcohol, you should quit as soon as possible, and you should try to increase your protein intake. Keeping away from worrying thoughts such as “we have to have a child,” or “we might fail again” and reducing stress by simple exercises such as walking also affect pregnancy chances.

I can’t get pregnant, should I see a doctor?

If pregnancy is not achieved despite regular sexual intercourse during the required period, you can see your doctor. Sometimes, the reasons preventing pregnancy are male-related factors; sometimes they are female-related factors. Other times, there can be a problem of unexplained infertility. Regardless of what the cause is, do not act upon hearsay at this time, and never use drugs that are said to help you get pregnant without your doctor’s opinion.

Your doctor will determine the reason you cannot get pregnant through extensive examination and necessary tests; and advise on the most appropriate treatment for you.

Treatment Methods for Couples who cannot get pregnant

Couples wishing to start treatment for pregnancy should consult and IVF centre. It is essential to pay attention to the experience of the doctors and the success rate of the centre when choosing an IVF centre. If you choose Bahçeci IVF Centre for your treatment, one of our doctors will conduct a preliminary consultation with you and then continue with the necessary examinations. The results of necessary tests are evaluated. At our centre, each couple is assessed from different angles and “personalized” treatment programs are implemented.

Ovulation monitoring for the prospective mother

When necessary, the egg development process of the prospective mother is monitored with or without the use of medication. The couple increases their chances of pregnancy by having sex on the days determined according to this monitoring.

Medication Treatment for the prospective father

With the help of drugs, the number or mobility of the sperm of the prospective father can be increased.

Artificial Insemination

If the existing problems are resolved with various treatments, but pregnancy is still not achieved, artificial insemination can be performed. In order to perform artificial insemination, which is a simple and fast method, it is necessary to have sperm production in the male partner, and egg production in female partner. If artificial insemination is deemed appropriate, the prospective mother should see the doctor on the 3rd day of her menstruation. The condition of the ovaries is assessed and, where necessary, ovarian production is stimulated through medication. When the eggs reach the desired level of maturity, a trigger injection is given. The sperms that are of the highest quality and most likely to achieve pregnancy are selected and transferred into the uterus by means of a catheter.

IVF Treatment

If pregnancy is still not achieved after these treatments, an IVF treatment is recommended. The specialist will conduct a detailed interview with the couple and will ask for information about past or present diseases, examinations and treatments. Following these assessments, a special treatment plan is developed.

What Should I Look out for When Choosing an IVF Centre?

We can sort out as follows the elements that you need to look for when choosing an IVF centre.

• The success rates of the centre
• Technological infrastructure
• A team of professional experts

As Bahçeci IVF Centre, with 23 years of experience and over 60,000 healthy IVF babies, we have success rates above European standards. Please fill in our contact form and we will call you to answer your questions about infertility treatments and to give you detailed information about the prices and processes.

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Let’s make your parenting dream come true with Bahçeci, whose success rates in difficult cases are above the European average.

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